To-Do-O Mobile To-Do Organizer Symbian Mobiles

To-Do-O, The mobile To-Do Organizer is a simple free to-do list organizer. To-Do-O works with Symbian touch screen mobile devices. It’s a Java based application which supports other platforms as well.

After installation of this application, when you start To-Do-O for the first time you will be notified that a new to-do tree is created and afterwards the empty to-do tree view is shown. You can create your first to-do entry via “Options” –> “New” –> “Main To-Do Entry” (Note that at that point it is not possible to create sub items. Trying to create a sub item here will result in an error.).

For new entries a text editor is displayed in which simply a description, name or whatever appears to be useful can be entered. Finally the new entry is created by confirming with “Ok”. Later on further entries and sub-entries are created analogously.

You can save the new tree via “Options” –> “File” –> “Save”. You will be asked to verify your decision and as soon as you select “Yes” the list will be saved. When the list was saved successfully the “star” behind the “To-Do-O” title in the title bar of the application will disappear. This indicates that the present list is saved and was not changed. I.e. the “star” indicates that changes have been performed which have not yet been saved.

Existing items can be easily modified by choosing the appropriate actions from the “Options” –> “Item” menu. E.g. can to-do entries be marked as done or the displayed icon for a to-do entry can be selected

To Do O Mobile To Do Organizer To Do O Mobile To Do Organizer Symbian Mobiles

Note: selection of icons is currently only supported for to-do entries not marked as done.

Download To Do Mobile To Do Organizer


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