Retail by Kryak [by HeroCraft] – Contre Jour v1.00(0) S60v5 Symbian^1


Best Cellular Activity of E3 ‹ GamePro
Best Cellular Activity of E3 Finalist ‹ IGN
Best Mobile/Handheld Activity of E3 Nominee ‹ Activity Experts Awards

 118ac41da1d08d83d4c9dupb3v  Retail by Kryak [by HeroCraft]   Contre Jour v1.00(0) S60v5 Symbian^1

Blurring the collections between entertaining art and activities, Contre Jour features a wonderful but haunting globe formed by the interaction of mild and night.
Utilizing user-friendly contact manages and set against a emotional orchestrated ranking, you will information a strange monster through natural and produced stages by adjusting the very atmosphere itself.
Modojo said Contre Jour is “definitely one of the best looking headings on the App Shop. 5/5.”


Contre Jour Highlights:
• 5 sections presenting 100 exclusive stages, as well as 300 collectible lighting, will have you enjoying for time and time.
• Use incredibly user-friendly manages to modify the surroundings around you.
• 12 different entertaining components to master; sites, slingshots, tentacles, blowers and more.
• Amazing visible design locations Contre Jour in a group of it’s own – basically one of the most wonderful activities of the season.
• Wealthy, natural and exclusive soundtrack by Bob Ari Leon completely suits Petit’s trip. Get some headsets and reduce yourself on the globe of Contre Jour.
• Discover a wide range of success as you perform, can you find them all

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