Keynetik RockNScroll v1.0.4 For Nokia S60V3

RnS screen2 wm  Keynetik RockNScroll v1.0.4 For Nokia S60V3

Rock-N-Scroll is mobile application by KEYnetik, Inc. for accelerometer equipped cell phones. It translates device motion and position data into user input. Translated motion commands in many cases are set to mimic device keypad allowing for single-handed, keyless device operation.
Rock-N-Scroll motion processing engine will analyze static (gravity related) forces for orientation and tilting algorithms and dynamic (force related) motion for gestures.
RnS screen1 wm  Keynetik RockNScroll v1.0.4 For Nokia S60V3

  • Screen/Image Rotation
  • Tilt-based Progressive scrolling for: Web Browsing, Scrolling through lists (Contacts, Songs, Pictures, etc.), Media player controls
  • Game Mode
  • Single-handed, menu navigation
  • User defined gestures

Supported phones:
N79, N85 and N96

Download Link : RockNScroll , Mirror

One Response to Keynetik RockNScroll v1.0.4 For Nokia S60V3

  1. mkman

    I’ve tried it on my 5800EM and it worked…but i fear that it will bring the system down,hopefully it wont…
    realy love this app. made smile all day bcuz of it…..
    thank you.

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