Face Contacts for Symbian 60 v 5

Face Contacts is again a social networks based application to work with Symbian S60 5th edition based touch screen phones. There are so many applications available for mobile linked to social networks some way or the other. This application is different from others in terms of functionality it provides to its users.

face contect Face Contacts for Symbian 60 v 5

How it works?

Face Contacts application first connects to internet via available connection on your mobile. It will take you to your Facebook account. You need to grant the permission to this application to access your Facebook contacts. Once you grant the permission, it starts downloading contacts images from Facebook. It then search your mobile phonebook and match them with Facebook contacts and assign the Facebook image to matched contacts.

So you can easily get all the details and images of your facebook contacts on your mobile. From the menu you can always select the “Refresh friends list” to get the latest information from your Facebook accout. The application is developed by mobispace.com.ru. It works with Nokia Symbian Mobiles. The version 2.1.0 of this application is available for you to try on your mobiles.

Download Face Contacts

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