Exclusive Management and Updates Features on the New Norton 360

Every feature on your antivirus system counts. Some think that this statement is false and that some of the features on their antivirus software are nothing but trouble. After all, they can keep you from downloading your favorite music online and keep you from visiting specific web sites, not to mention forcing you into a situation where you have to wait for things to be scanned and your computer to be updated on a regular basis. And forget updating, renewing or fixing it manually.

norton antivirus Exclusive Management and Updates Features on the New Norton 360

That’s just never going to happen. The new Norton 360 makes it easier to forget the problems of yesterday and focus on the future with new exclusive features, like:

  • Management. The new Norton 360 provides cloud-based controls. You can manage your software with a few clicks and nothing more. And, you can manage the software for all of your devices in one convenient location, like never before.
  • Pulse Updates. Whenever you hear the word “updates” in reference to antivirus protection software you probably cringe. But with the new Norton, your software will update on its own without you ever knowing it’s happening.

When it comes to your antivirus protection, just choose your sanity every time. That way you will be making the most out of the best things in life. Also, remember when it comes to internet security, Norton 360 is the way to go.

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