New Dual SIMs Technology in Mobile Phones

Dual Sim Technology has become the well known improvements in the Mobile’s communication World. This advance technology has appeared to achieve incredible attractiveness in the Mobile Phone markets. This technology allow your one mobile phone to use multiple Sims or Mobile Phone networks simultaneously.

As an outcome, there is no need to hold two different mobile phones for 2 different Sim cards. Everything you need to do is to just plunge to the favorite mobile network service-provider of your choice.

Nokia X2 02 New Dual SIMs Technology in Mobile Phones
Now a days almost all mobile phone companies manufacturing various dual SIM mobile phones having astonished functions due to growing demands of the customers. Nokia, the top mobile manufacturing company has also introduced numerous dual SIMs cell phones for the consumers needs. Nokia X2-02, Nokia Asha 200 and Nokia 101 are their popular dual SIM mobile phones available in markets.

As we earlier said, Nokia X2-02 recently released by Nokia in January 2012 with dual SIM feature having almost all features as compared to its other mobile phones. This phone available wide rang in markets in multiple colors like orange, violet, bright red, dark silver and ocean blue colors. Nokia X202 is differentiate itself due to its most longer duration extraordinary talk-time than other mobile phones.

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