Dark Quest Free Download Android Game For Nokia Symbian S^3

Dark Quest Free Download Android Game For Nokia Symbian S^3is a turn based fantasy role playing adventure game where players assume the role of a mighty barbarian on his epic quest to destroy the forces of the evil sorcerer and save the land from evil.

Dark QuestBlack Pursuit is a turn based dream part playing experience activity where gamers believe the part of a great barbarian on his impressive search for eliminate the causes of the wicked magician and save the area from wicked.
Enter a world of dream and adventure: Discover turned mazes, find invisible gates and battle bloodthirsy orcs!Roll the head of destiny and expose your turned fate: The wicked magician will pain your spirit for his own amusment, he will call for you in the area of reasoning where you will be compelled to play a turned activity of loss of life, can you endure his magic?

Dark Quest

Dark Quest

Dark Quest

Supported Mobiles:

Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7-00, Nokia E7-00, Nokia E6, Nokia X7, Nokia 500, Nokia 603,Nokia 700, Nokia 701, Nokia 808 PureView.

1. First download the Dark Quest from given download link.
2. Transfer File to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, Data cable or Wifi.
3. Open the transferred file from your mobile File Manager for installation and run it to play.

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