Al Quran 30 juz Terjemah in Indonesian v1.1.2

17457 Al Quran 30 juz Terjemah in Indonesian v1.1.2
Update New Version 1.1.2, more faster load and search, more enjoy navigation key, version 1.1.1 , bug fixed done for the problem loading surahs Ar Rahman and An Nahl in previous version. Also Indonesian language structure better than before. List of Surah completely 114 (previous version split each page 20). Translate Quran 30 Juz (full complete 114 number of Surahs) , with searching feature, by no of Surah, no of Ayat, words etc. more nice GUI. Small jar size relatively. Always to remember you to learn about Islam and Al Quran every where you are. Simple application . I hope it is very usefull for each moslems, specialy for Indonesian moslems.
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